Why are you changing the name of my bank?  We are able to offer our customers more products and services by consolidating.

Is there a problem with AmericaNet Bank®?  No.  AmericaNet Bank® is a division of All America Bank® already.  We are simply merging the two names to make our business more efficient.  This allows us to offer more products and services to our AmericaNet Bank® customers.

Can I still use my AmericaNet Bank® checks?  I just ordered a new box.  Yes.

How do I get new checks with the All America Bank® name?  Please contact Customer Service Mon–Fri from 8:00 am–5 pm at (405)376-BANK (2265).

Will my AmericaNet Bank® debit card still work?  Yes.

How do I get a new All America Bank® debit card?  You can request one at any time by contacting Customer Service, or you will automatically be sent a new All America Bank® debit card when your current debit card expires. 

Does this name change affect my Direct Deposit details, such as the routing number for the bank?  No. The routing number and account number will remain the same.

Is there a Direct Deposit form on your site if I need to make changes?  Yes. Click here to access forms.

Will my log in & password information still work?  Yes

Will my personal information automatically transfer to All America Bank®?  Yes

Will I still have overdraft protection privilege?  Yes, if you are currently signed up for this service.

Will Online Bill Pay be the same?  Yes

Will this affect the automatic payments I’ve already set up on Bill Pay?  No

Do I need to re-enter payee information?  No

I’m a little concerned about personal information going to another bank. Will it be secure?  Your personal information is secure. Your personal information will remain on the same banking system. It will not go to another bank.

How can I contact you?  You can contact Customer Service Mon-Fri from 8:00 am-5 pm at (405)376-BANK (2265).  You can also contact us via secure email anytime by logging into to online banking, clicking the “Messages” tab and starting a “New Conversation.”